Victoria Skinkis

October 3, 2017 in Profile

I have been teaching for 17 years, have worked in 3 different schools in Oldham and currently work 3 days a weak teaching science at Blessed John Henry Newman RC College. I became a Head of Science 10 years ago and then 6 years ago led the merger of two science departments and became Director of Learning for science. I have led curriculum change several times, re-written curriculum at KS3 & 4 and introduced new assessment materials and feedback procedures.

I have been a part of whole school subject reviews involving external partners and have worked collaboratively with other schools. I have extensive experience in lesson observation for teaching and learning; coaching & mentoring; managing change; quality assurance and staff development.

I am passionate about teaching and hope that every child has the opportunity to experience success during their academic career. It is always a privilege to be able to visit other schools and work with other teachers and I look forward to being able to do this within the Northern Alliance network.