Tracy Banks

October 3, 2017 in Profile

I have been a Science teacher for 19 years and have worked in several schools in Oldham. In this time as well as being a main scale teacher I have held various roles and responsibilities. My first TLR was for a mixed pastoral and academic role. This was as the KS3 Coordinator at Breeze Hill School. This encompassed taking pastoral care for Y8 & 9 but also raising achievement at this Key Stage. From there I then went on to take the equivalent role at KS4. This then led to a role on the SLT, I was still responsible for KS4 but also for the use of data whole school. Breeze Hill then merged with Counthill School to form Waterhead Academy. My role in the academy was as Assistant Principle with responsibility for AR&R. After leaving the academy I worked for two terms at North Chadderton school and then moved onto my current school which is Blessed John Henry Newman Roman Catholic College. In my first term at Newman I was appointed as the KS4 Intervention Coordinator, then at the end of this year I was appointed as the Assistant Director of Learning for KS4, this is also my current role. Some of my responsibilities are tracking and monitoring progress in Year 10 & 11, developing the KS4 Science curriculum & planning, developing & delivering Intervention to help narrow gaps.