Aims of the Alliance

To achieve excellence for all in our own schools, and to promote the highest standards in teaching, learning and school leadership and management in our locality.

Priorities of the Alliance

  1. To develop sustainable improvements for students by training and developing staff in our schools.
  2. To recruit and train the best teachers for our schools through School Direct.
  3. To establish strategic priorities for improvement across the Alliance schools and develop joint professional development approaches to achieve these.
  4. To develop the resource of a team of accredited Specialist Leaders of Education and Local Leaders of Education to lead and support CPD and JPD within the Alliance and beyond.
  5. To provide opportunities for leadership development and talent management across the Alliance.

Commitments of Partners

  1. To embed the Alliance in SLT and school improvement strategy. One member of SLT must be responsible and accountable to the Headteacher for the school’s Alliance membership and responsibilities and opportunities that this brings.
  2. To actively communicate and market the Alliance, and its work, through links on the website, via Twitter accounts, and in school displays and news. This is particularly important for the recruitment of ITE trainees.
  3. To play a full role in the recruitment, selection and training of new recruits through School Direct, including
    • Engagement in recruitment events.
    • Offering work experience/School Experience days.
    • Involvement in the interview process.
    • Commitment to the design of the ITE programme.
    • Ensuring that trainees receive their full entitlement and support within that programme.
    • Acting on all QA requests and recommendations.
  4.  Engaging in strategic planning and joint professional development to improve the quality of teaching, learning, leadership and management across the Alliance.
  5. Identifying staff with the skills, emotional intelligence, capacity and ambition to become SLEs and take on system leadership responsibilities, and freeing them to do this, up to 10 days a year if required.
  6. Engaging jointly and severally in research and development.
  7. Attending the Strategic Board meetings of the Alliance to evaluate and plan strategically for the Alliance and produce reports and updates as required, and provide data for the evaluation of progress and impact.
  8. Agreeing an annual strategic plan and a yearly commitment plan for the school, and updating all contacts.
  9. Sharing all school data as needed by the Alliance, maintaining full confidentiality about all data provided by members, and using it for no other purpose.
  10. Contributing actively to the financial viability and sustainability of the Alliance by actively promoting School Direct and any programmes/events which are offered out by the Alliance, and upholding the business and pricing structure throughout.