Charging Policy

  1. Daily rates are based on the average cost of a headteacher (for NLE/LLE commissions) or an assistant headteacher (for an SLE commission), including oncosts, administration, travel and subsistence.

A working day is 5 hours, plus preparation and follow-up.  The cost of preparation and follow-up report writing is included in the daily rate.

Daily rate for NLE/LLE – 2015/16:              £700

Daily rate for SLE – 2015/16:                    £420

One day diagnostic for 2015/16:                £520

In addition, a 15% charge will be added to the total cost of the commission for the brokerage, setting-up, administrative and quality assurance costs incurred by the Teaching School.

Rates are exclusive of standard rate VAT (20%) which may be chargeable, dependent on the type of service provided.

2.    Payment

2.1          The scope of the deployment is set out in the Quality Assurance document, which includes the number of contracted days.

2.2          The Teaching School will invoice the client school for the full cost as soon as the Quality Assurance document has been signed.  Payment must be made in advance, within 28 days of the invoice.

2.3          It is the responsibility of the home school to invoice the Teaching School within 28 days of the first visit of the LLE/NLE/SLE.

2.4          The Teaching School will reimburse the home school for the full cost of the deployment within 28 days of the invoice date.

2.5          All administrative, travel and subsistence costs are included in the daily rate and must be dealt with by the home school in line with their policy.

2.6          The client school will make payment to the Teaching School within 28 days of the date of the invoice.

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