Current Projects

The move to an Alliance of schools has opened new exciting avenues and opportunities to get involved in more research through economies of scale and access to new expertise and resource among the Alliance partners.

The long term vision is to create a learning community of teachers and support staff which engages with the best evidence to inform practice.

Tune-in to Talking Phase 2

The Phase 1 research is complete, and we are now confidently extending the project to settings across Oldham. You can read the full report on Phase 1 and its impact here. It shows the progress made in Speech, Language and Communication by vulnerable cohorts of children, and the growth in practitioner knowledge and confidence using

Tune-in to Talking for Early Years

Practitioners in Phase 1 made a fantastic contribution to our research by wholeheartedly putting the activities into practice in their settings. Read more here about what we did and its impact presentation slides 9th. Phase two starts next week with a programme for three settings which includes training, resources and music sessions for children and families.

Year 7 Maths Project: End of year review

The first year of this project is nearly complete and we have made some significant changes to the way we teach year 7: Students are now taught about 50% of the content from previous years and spend time mastering this and applying their knowledge through intelligent practice. The classes work in groups according to ability

Phase 1 Findings Tune-In to Talking Early Years Project

Please see the attached presentation which documents the findings from Phase 1: Closing the Gap Research Project with selected school and PVI providers in Oldham in partnership with The Blue Coat School. phase 1 presentation

Year 7 Maths Project: Parents’ Support Evening

If we were going to be successful with this project we would have to engage parents.  We are lucky to be well supported in general by parents but often parents struggle to know how to help their sons and daughters in maths. “We didn’t do it like this when I was at school” “I tried

Tune-in to Talking Project Update

    Since the enthusiastically attended launch training day, the project has taken off with a real buzz in all our partner settings. Participants have returned the Service Level Agreements to secure their share of the funding towards staff cover and for research grants. Seven settings will track children and provide data for our research

Narrowing the Gap: Using Mental Toughness & Aspirational Target Setting

Sarah Coleman in Social Science is researching the effect Mental Toughness training and target setting can have on Pupil Premium students: Pupil premium students have been identified nationally as one of the groups that are underachieving in schools. The research will include an initial analysis of the differences (if any) in home support in particular-

Tune-in to Talking – A training and research project for Early Years practitioners

We are delighted to have been awarded funding for this Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) improvement project starting later this month. Our focus is on improving provision for disadvantaged children in Oldham by providing high quality training for practitioners to help them accelerate children’s speech language and communication through creative means and music. The project

Randomised Control Trials

“This is not about telling teachers what to do. It is in fact quite the opposite. This is about empowering teachers to make independent, informed decisions about what works, by generating good quality evidence, and using it thoughtfully.” “The gains here are potentially huge. Medicine has leapt forward with evidence-based practice. Teachers have the same

Context-based learning in STEM

Paul Briggs in Design Technology is investigating What impact does context-based learning have on effort and achievement within extended writing? As STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) co-ordinator for the school it will be interesting to see if applying a specific STEM context to a piece of extending writing will result in pupils achieving a higher