Khera Missen Elliott

October 3, 2017 in Profile

Khera is a teacher of RE and Sociology. She has a background in youth work, before entering teaching six years ago. She is Induction Coordinator at Blessed John Henry Newman Catholic College.

She trained as an RE teacher at Blessed Thomas Holford Catholic College, where she was Head of RE and Liturgy Coordinator.

Khera has experience of using technology and research to inform the design of teacher education, taking trainees and newly qualified staff through a transparent, thorough and sustainable process. This draws on the experience of a wide range of colleagues in delivery and provides mentors and leaders with support and further intelligence for faculty monitoring. Every NQT undertakes a Lesson Study project and delivers to SLT, impacting on whole school teaching and learning. She has designed and delivered CPD allowing staff new to the community to be immersed in the ethos of the school.

She attends Teach Meets and unconferences such as #WomenEd, BaMEed, ResearchEd and Northern Rocks to collaborate with other practitioners to reinvigorate and inspire her own practice and inform the direction of support for new staff. She is currently doing some small-scale research into the impact of parental involvement on student progress.

She has varied experiences drawn from her work in youth and community, including anti-oppressive practice, large scale events, centre management and working with young people at risk of exclusion/ offending.